Whether your new mezzanine flooring is single or multi-tiered, and regardless as to whether it will be installed in a warehouse, retail or office space, you’ll need to have staircase installations to enable you to access each level.

Industrial StaircasesThe environment the flooring is being used in, will dictate the type of staircase that you will need.
The number of staircases required for your flooring solution will depend on the size of the floor is itself and what the floor is being used for.
For example, depending on your firm’s needs and why the flooring is being installed, you may need to have an access point on either side of building, or perhaps just one on one side.

Industrial Staircase by EMSJust like in your own home, a staircase is a key, and integral feature of your flooring system, and here at EMS we can provide you with a plethora of options.
For example an office would be best suited to a staircase that people can use easily, like any typical staircase in a social environment, and one that will look aesthetically pleasing to fit in with your image.

Industrial Staircase type 3 A warehouse or factory would need to install a functional staircase to allow workers to get products from the new mezzanine floor level – they may even consider a CAT ladder instead (please see CAT Ladders instead for more information on this).

But if the aim of your mezzanine floor is to create an additional sales level for a retail environment it could be either of these styles, or in between the two, depending on the image you wish to portray and your brand’s style.

A more urban young high street brand for example may prefer the more functional looking staircase,.
While a more office style staircase would be more suitable for an upmarket store.

No matter what you desire, EMS can provide staircases in a wide range of designs and finishes again to suit your taste.

So whatever your need may be, the experienced team at EMS will be able to provide a bespoke solution to suit your image requirements, on time and on budget, while at all times ensuring safety standards and Building Regulations are met and approved.

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